Spraypainting Accessories

flickr OutsaPop Spraypainting Accessories

A great idea again: customize accessories to your clothes with spray paints.
This way you can make i.e. comfortable shoes for dancing matching your ball dress ;-)
Or follow the ideas of Buy Nothing Day and revamp a by now shabby handbag to match your newest coat.
You also could have coloured one of your boots in red and fill it with some sweets ;-))

Spraypainting Accessories

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Home-built 3-D Printer

evilmadscientist Solid Freeform Fabrication

Evil Mad Scientist is always good for a surprise.
He presented a kind of home-built 3-D printer which works with sugar!
Great to make your Christmas tree ornaments ;-))

I really don’t think that I will build such an item, but I found it very interesting ;-)

At Evil Mad Scientist: Solid freeform fabrication: DIY, on the cheap, and made of pure sugar

Knitted Slippers

unikatissima Knitted Slippers

Not long ago my mother mentioned that she would like to have some slippers for Christmas because she has always cold feet.
When I read a very similar sentence at craftster in a thread, I knew immediately: that will be my Christmas gift.
The instruction is fine, on the photo you see my sketch for the sizes.
But I still have to buy the appropriate yarn.

P.S.: The specific point at the instruction is, that this is no ‘normal’ sock knitting, but it is about a sewn sock.

How to Knit Slippers
via A slipper that fits over my cast!

Cold Porcelaine

espritcabane Cold Porcelaine

With the recipe for cold porcelaine you can mix an air-drying clay with which you can make jewelry, beads and similar things.
I find air-drying a big advantage against fimo and similar polymer clays which have to be baked. I always need a good ventilation for the baking which I find hard to realize with cold weather.
And you can put the jewelry or the beads i.e. into the advent calendar boxes :)

Cold Porcelaine
Cold Porcelaine (Porcelaine froide) (French)

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