Junk Jewelry

flickr abscraft Junk Jewellery

Such a pin from old plastic bottles and the like can look really cute, can’t it?

Now I’m debating with myself on whether I should collect these, too.


white brooch
via: Jewellery made from recycled stuff – a mini-round-up
via: art for housewives – pin cushions and junk jewellery

Ice Votives

craftster Ice Votives

At the moment we’re jittering from the cold here – what better time to make some most beautiful votives from ice for the balcony or the garden?

When it get’s warm again we will be making jewelry from ice again and at every time we can make a lot of things from the plastic bottles ;-)

Ice Votives (Video – How to Make Ice Votives) (Video)

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Recycled Gift Tags

unikatissima Recycled Gift Tags

The gift tags on the photo aren’t ready yet: I simply can’t decide with which yarn I should wrap them.

But I find the idea really great: flatten the cardboard tube, cut it in strips and wrap the pieces with yarn.
I think that it could look beautiful, too, when wrapped in a piece of beautiful polymer clay and worn as necklace, earring or pin.

When reading the instructions for the gift tags I had to think somehow at the surprise ball gifts ;-)

But she had other ideas, too, about what to make with these paper shapes, namely a cute tealight and an interesting lamp decoration.

I presented before entries about recycled cardboard tubes here in this blog, namely the beaded amulet bag, the plaster photo holder and the knitting loom from a plastic bottle.
But there the cardboard tube was ‘only’ a tool.

recycling project no. 19 – yarn gift tag

recycle project no. 12 – tealight decoration
recycle project no. 16 – hurricane cover

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Miwa Koizumi PET project

I wrote several entries about crafting with plastic bottles (see links below), this one is more of an inspiration: I’d like to present the PET-project and the wonderful PET jewelry.
Fantastic, aren’t they?

Flower with sash

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Knitted/Crocheted Bangles

unikatissima Knitted Bangle
Recently I wanted to make some knitted napkin rings as a gift and looked for a way to 1. keep their shape and 2. make them washable.
And I really found a solution which is also great for making bangles ;-)): use a core of recycled plastic bottle and a knitted or crocheted all over cover.


That’s what you do:
unikatissima Knitted Bangle Cut rings in the desired width from a plastic bottle.
I cut here two rings because the circumference of the bottle was too small for a bangle for me.


unikatissima Knitted Bangle Where the rings are to be joined you need an overlap of about 2 cm.
I pricked 3 holes with a pointy needle and threaded the yarn I used later for knitting through them to fix both sides. The big advantage is that you don’t see anything of this later.


unikatissima Knitted Bangle Then knit the ‘cover’. I worked with quite thick acrylic yarn and began with a stocking stitch part for the inside whereas outside I used a moss stitch pattern.
Depending on the used yarn the inside diameter can get a good deal narrower, in this case make the plastic rings a little bit larger.
When the cover is finished sew the sides together.


unikatissima Knitted Bangle That’s how the finished bangle looks.
Originally I wanted to have the seam at the inside of the bangle but I ‘produced’ always a thick bulged seam. Therefore I knitted the ‘folding line’ between both patterns with purls and sew at the rim (which is much easier, too ;-)).
The bulged seam looks similar to the purled row and now I like it.


unikatissima Knitted Bangle The plastic ring core has more advantages (besides the fact that it is cost-saving): the bangle keeps its shape but is flexible so that it doesn’t interfere with writing (usually I don’t wear bangles for just this reason).


unikatissima Knitted Bangle What is more I can wash it: That’s how my bangle looks after I machine-washed it at 30°C together with dark(!) cloths.
No problem there ;-)
But this depends strongly from the used yarn.


I used thick acrylic yarn here and find that it looks like a winter bangle, but it can surely be crocheted as well with fine cotton thread or knitted in stocking stitch with variegated sock yarns or simply be wrapped with fun yarns, possibly even be wrapped with a sewn fabric cover…
If you try something like this I would appreciate if you’d link it in the comments!
Have much fun.
plastic bottle bracelet

Mosaic Table Light

bastelfanatiker Window Colour Mosaic

I found an instruction on how to make glass table lights with translucent mosaic. They are made in an interesting and easy way with Window Colours*, but of course you can do this with translucent polymer clay as well.

* Window Colours are those glass paints that come in plastic bottles and can be used on acetate, I don’t know the exact English name.


That’s how they do it:
(see images on instruction site for better understanding)

  • You make from the glass paint a layer of about 1 mm on plastic foil and let it dry thoroughly.
  • When dry and not sticky anymore (after about 3 days), you cut it in mosaic pieces.
  • You can glue now the pieces on glass (with Modpodge e.g.).
  • Fill the little gaps between the mosaic tile with tile filler (follow the instructions).
  • Afterwards you can cover your glass with varnish to make it shine.

One day then… Sigh.

Mosaik mit WindowColour (German)

Box from woven PET stripes

Square Box from PET

On a brasilian recycling website I found a good tutorial on how to make a box from PET bottles (click there on ‘Tutorial – How to make a square box’).

I won’t do this because we don’t buy so many PET bottles and if we do we can give them back.
But I think that the tutorial can be used with other materials, too, I will once take a look.


Utsumi – Crafts with PET plastic, click there on ‘Tutorial – How to make a square box’