Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern

ravelry Reena Meijer Drees Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern

I have been so enthusiastic about the Escher like picture yesterday, that I’ve looked for another instruction for something with Escher and ta-daa!: the Escher lizard knitting pattern ;-)
Looks great, doesn’t it? :)


Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern (Escher Lizards)
=> contains the chart for the Escher Lizard Knitting Pattern

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Escher Stripes Art

Escher Stripes Art

Sally Shore Fiber Art Escher Stripes Art

Isn’t this Escher stripes art great?!
It must ‘simply’ been made from paper stripes or ribbons.

By the way, I have presented things with Escher already sooner.
And an entry about folded paper strips of equal width ;-)


Escher Stripes Art (Gallery : Ribbon Weaving – MCE Anomalies)

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Folded Paper Strips of Equal Width
wall art

Pysanky Escher Easter Eggs

instructables yorisimo Pysanky Escher Easter Eggs

I have presented the faux pysanky Easter eggs before and I find the pysanky Escher Easter eggs even more fascinating!
They are really made in pysanky technique, a kind of wax batik.


Pysanky Escher Easter Eggs (Escher Easter Egg)

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Paper Cut of Escher’s Relativity

Crackpot Papercraft Paper Cut of Eschers Relativity

Isn’t this maaadness?
This paper cut, designed after M.C. Eschers picture ‘Relativity’, is made from cardboard of about 22 x 28 cm without any adhesive.
And the maker has been so kind as to offer the diagram to everybody!

Photo: Paper cut of Eschers ‘Relativity’ (Relativity)
Diagram for paper cut of Eschers ‘Relativity’ (Relativity (diagram))

Google image search result for ‘Escher relativity’

The Beauty of Brown Leaves

To tell the truth: I only like woods if they are green
Brown is boring!

At least that’s what I thought until I saw this picture ;-)

You live and learn ;-))

The Beauty of Brown Leaves (Winter Beech Leaf Gradient (There’s Nothing Wrong with Brown))
via: UK Edition: Land Art With Richard Shilling :: Etsy Blog

Look also at his other pictures and his other websites:
Richard Shilling – Land Art
Richard Shilling’s Land Art Blog
Land Art for Kids

Photo Kaleidocycles

foldplay Photo Kaleidocycles

Once I had the Kaleidocycles book from M.C.Escher and I even folded some of the kaleidocycles, but then I never thought about it any more.
Until I found the page where you can let make kaleidocycles from your own potos.

If you want to see a kaleidocycle in action, look at the M.C.Escher Kaleidocycles the middle picture.
Or look at one of the videos in internet.
You can also read more about kaleidocycles or simply look at photos of them.

But best is making one yourself and to ‘spin round’ ;-))

Photo Kaleidocycles (Make your very own kaleidocycle)
via: Bastelei mit Fotos:

Kaleidocycles books from M.C.Escher at:

Animation at M.C.Escher Kaleidozyklen:
English page (middle picture)
German page (middle picture)

About kaleidocycles at Mathematische Basteleien:
English page
German page

Google image search result for ‘kaleidocycle’
Google video search result for ‘kaleidocycle’

Droste Effects

Droste Effects

While surfing I found one day images with a so-called Droste effect (examples at flickr).
I was thrilled!
And I wanted to do that too ;-))
At flickr I found the Droste Effect Tutorial where Josh Sommers explaines about everything.
One important hint: Read everything *thoroughly*.
I didn’t and spend a lot of time searching where my problems came from although everything was explained somewhere ;-)
More explanations can be found at Escher’s Droste Print Gallery and their discussions.
Here I took one of my photos and played around with the Droste effect. It was so much fun!

Wikipedia: Droste Effect

Droste Effect Tutorial
Escher’s Droste Print Gallery: more explanations
Escher’s Droste Print Gallery Discussions: more explanations