Cable Craziness

flickr Deepblacksea Cable Craziness

I call it cable craziness – in the best sense of the word! – and it is not a tutorial, but a wonderful inspiration!
Here you can certainly use the cable needle holder from an recent entry, because cabling without cable needle won’t surely work here ;-)


Cable Craziness (Ecru7)
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Cable Needle Holder
Cabling Without Cable Needle

Hide Ugly Cords

The DIY Homegirl Hide Ugly Cords

A nice idea: hide ugly cords by encasing them for security reasons in tubing and then wrapping the casing with colour-matching cord – that makes them (nearly) invisible :)
If you don’t bother so much about the cables you may want to take a look at the cable holders here in the blog ;-)


Hide Ugly Cords (How to Hide Your Fugly TV Cords)

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