Chocolate Roses

SweetRevelations Chocolate Roses

I have already presented entries to do with roses and to do with chocolate.
So now a chocolate rose :)


Chocolate Roses (Dark Chocolate Roses)
via: DIY Valentine’s Day Treats That Look Too Good to Eat – 1. Dark Chocolate Roses

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Easter Eggs from Chocolate Lace

SheKnows Sandra Denneler Easter Eggs from Chocolate Lace

The Easter eggs from chocolate lace make me think of the edible Easter egg nests, but are made more in the way of the lacy chocolate bowls.


Easter Eggs from Chocolate Lace (No One Will Believe You DIY’d These Fancy Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs)
The picture is from page 2 of the tutorial.

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Lacy Chocolate Bowls

Self-made Chocolate Bark

Suburban Simplicity Self-made Chocolate Bark

This self-made chocolate bark is similar to the colourful candy and is made for Easter, but with other ingredients you can make it also for Valentine’s Day, Advent or simply as gift occasionally, can’t you? :)


Self-made Chocolate Bark (Easter Oreo Bark That’s Super Easy!)
via: Easter Oreo Bark

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Chocolate Decorated Dessert

Chocolate Decorated Dessert

This chocolate decorated dessert is inexpensive – and something very special.

I’ve presented something similar before with the lacy chocolate bowls, but it seems to me that this decoration is a little easier to make.


Chocolate Decorated Dessert (DIY Chocolate Decoration DIY Projects /
=> unfortunately I haven’t found the original instruction

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Chocolate Praline Advent Calendar

Mitt hem aer min borg Chocolate Praline Advent Calendar

I love at the chocolate praline Advent calendar the simplicity of the idea: take a praline box with 24 or 25 pralines and simply cut 24 ‘little doors’ into the thick protection layer! :)


Chocolate Praline Advent Calendar (Advent) (Swedish)
via: #1015 Gör en chokladpralinkalender!