Crayon Votives

The Swell Designer Crayon Votives

What a great idea: crayon votives, simply marble glasses with crayons!
In the tutorial it says that the wax will get a little tacky but doesn’t melt away.
I will have to try this one day :)


Crayon Votives (DIY Stained Glass Crayon Candles)
via: Who knew you could get such a cool stained glass look from this simple kid’s craft staple? Mind BLOWN.

Crayon Print T-shirt

Alpha Mom Crayon Print T-shirt

A great idea: draw on sandpaper with crayon and print onto a t-shirt with an iron :)

Actually you should be able to combine this technique with those of the crayon coloured t-shirt and the crayon tinted fabric!?


Crayon Print T-shirt (Sandpaper Printed T-shirt)
via: TO DO: Create a sandpaper printed T-shirt…draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt…DONE!

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Crayon Candles

craftster recycled crayon candles

Now that’s getting sooner dark candles become more interesting again – as I find.

I found a tutorial for crayon candles that I think is absolutely great, because it’s ‘only’ making use of leftovers, but I find the results stunning.
But I still need my crayons ;-)


recycled crayon candles

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Crayon Encaustic

unikatissima Crayon Encaustic.jpg

A long time ago I found an instruction for encaustic for poor.
On the photo you see one of the tries I made – I like it ;-))

I think that I will have to do it once more.

Encaustic für Arme (German)

English: Read the section ‘Ironing Crayon’. On this site you find more ideas for melted crayons.

Crayon Tinted Fabric

unikatissima Crayon Tinted Fabric

I found a very interesting tutorial on how to tint fabric with crayons.
On the picture you see my first and up until now last (and not really successful ;-)) attempt at this technique: I laid a self crocheted flower underneath.
Better you try it by yourself ;-))

I preferred the acryl coloured fabric.

Tinted Linens
Let’s celebrate

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