Double Knitted Wristwarmers

unikatissima Double Knitted Wristwarmers

Not long ago I presented the double knitted potholders.
As always it began to work in my head (not to think, thinking is stressful! ;-)) and I wanted absolutely know whether you can double knit in rounds.
You can ;-))


unikatissima Double Knitted Wristwarmers
I knitted two wristwarmers for me with a set of double-pointed needles as for socks and here you can see the inside.


unikatissima Double Knitted Wristwarmers
Here is the chart I used.
I’m not 100% positive about it because I’m simply knitting too loose and these fine patterns don’t look as good as I’d have wished.
Perhaps it is different for you :)

I knitted the pattern 5x, but of course you must adapt this to your wrists ;-))


Tutorial for double knitting: Free Knitting Patterns – Heart Double Knit Hot Pad

Here at unikatissima:
Double Knitted Potholders

Knitting Pattern ‘Corrugated Stockinette’

unikatissima Knitting Pattern Corrugated Stockinette

Recently I knitted something in brioche knitting and thought that it should look good if I’d alternate knit stitches and brioche stitches.
I find that it looks really good ;-))
Because it reminds me of corrugated cardboard I called it ‘Corrugated Stockinette’.

Although I’ve never seen this pattern in internet I’m sure that I’m not the first to devise (discover?!) it ;-)

And that’s what you do:
Knitted in rows:
Cast on an odd number of stitches
1. row: purl across (wrong side)
2. row: * 1 k, 1 dk *, repeat from * to *, end with 1 k
repeat rows 1-2 until reached the desired height

dk (‘deep knit’) means not to knit the stitch of the current row but the stitch of the previous row (enter needle into knit stitch of row below as if to knit, knit), the stitch of the current row disappears.

The fabric curls, it must therefore be blocked.

Knitted in rounds:
Additionally you can knit it easily in rounds, too:
cast on an even number of stitches, mark begin of the round
1. round: knit across
2. round: * 1 k, 1 dk *, repeat from * to *
repeat rows 1-2 until reached the desired height


unikatissima Knitting Pattern Corrugated Stockinette
Of course you can knit scarves from this pattern, but also double scarves by knitting in rounds and simply sewing the openings on top and bottom.
I think that the pattern would look fine as well for bags (in rounds, but only sew the bottom ;-)), for wristwarmers (in rounds, but don’t sew anything ;-))), for hats, cardigans, sweaters and actually everything else ;-))

Have much fun with it!

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Double Knitted Potholders

unikatissima Double Knitted Potholders Rosebuds

Recently I needed a gift on a quite short notice and then I remembered the double knitted potholders.
After all I still had some cotton thread (thinking of heat resistance and so on) and designed quickly a rosebud pattern (see links below).


unikatissima Double Knitted Potholders Rosebuds The potholders have – as double knitted items always have – the pattern on one side …


unikatissima Double Knitted Potholders Rosebuds … and the inverted pattern on the other.


By the way, the potholders were well received ;-)

Double Knitted Potholders (Free Knitting Patterns – Heart Double Knit Hot Pad)

Here at unikatissima:
Rose bud pattern (JPG file, ~ 128 KB)

What Can You Do With Filet Crochet/Cross Stitch Embroidery Charts?

unikatissima Two-coloured Chart (click to enlarge)

Recently something took me and I thought that you can use those two-coloured charts which are usually associated with filet crochet or cross stitch for a loooot of other techniques, too.
I had this idea already before, in my entries about intarsia knitting, the cross stitch heart, the beaded square stitch heart and the polymer clay letter cane.

On the photo you see some letters worked in different techniques (I’m working on letter charts at the moment ;-)):
'u' - Knit-Purl Knitting, each X is a purl stitch
'n' - Fair Isle Knitting, each X is a white stitch
'i' - Sequins Embroidery, each X is a sequin
'k' - Tapestry Crochet, each X is a white stitch
'a' - Filet Crochet, each X is a filled filet crochet square
't' - Cross Stitch Embroidery on paper, each X is a black cross stitch
'i' - Loom Beading, each X is a black bead
's' - Stamping with square stamps, each X is a black square stamp
's' - Illusion Knitting, each X is a black stitch over two rows
'i' - Crochet Yoyo’s, each X is a white crochet circle from dc’s
'm' - Inverted Filet Crochet, each X is a empty filet crochet square
'a' - Macramée/Friendship Bracelet, each X is a white knot

But then I came up with more techniques and if you still have more ideas I’d be glad if you wrote a comment about.
I added for every technique what would be a square of the chart.
Please remember: Not all ‘units’ are square so that the result can look quite different from the chart!



  • Tapestry Crochet – 1 stitch
  • Filet Crochet – 1 filet square (cross = filled square)
  • Inverted Filet Crochet – 1 filet square (cross = empty square)
  • Crochet Yoyo’s – 1 Crochet Yoyo, viz. a crochet circle from dc’s






  • Patchwork/Quilting – e.g. 1 patchwork square
  • Yoyo’s – 1 Yoyo
  • Fabric Origami – 1 fabric origami square


By the way I found an blog entry of an embroiderer who thought about the same subject and has more ideas.

Double Knitting
Picture for sequin embroidery (scroll down to about the middle)
Description of French Knot
Heather’s Friendship Bracelets – Alphabet Patterns
Geometric stitching
Google image search result for ‘yoyo blanket’
Google image search result for ‘ministeck’

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Crocheted Row Counter

unikatissima Crocheted Row Counter

Recently on a weekend I wanted to knit 78 rows. I always loose count, because I simply don’t like to keep a tally where I must lay the needles out of my hands.
And I didn’t have the right beads for a row counter bracelet or the wire for a knitting row counter, so I crocheted quickly something from stash yarn ;-)

My crocheted row counter consists of 2x nine connected loops (you can take ten loops too, what you prefer).
For the first loop I crocheted 9 chains, then always 5 chains and a treble treble in the first of the 5 chains.

Then I colour marked the first and the fifth loop (embroidered with different coloured yarn).

Technically you should use the row counter after the edge stitch, but I’ve used yarn that is slightly too thick and used my row counter before the row.
The disadvantage is then, that the row counter always glides over the whole needle, but I’ve been satisfied anyhow with my first shot from the hip ;-)

Technically too I should steam my row counter because it curls, but I could use it anyhow.

Well, and now the use: For me the yellow row counter counts the one place digits, the green one the tens place digits.
I pick up the next loop on my needle every other row when I come along, I’m counting thus double rows.
I don’t plan to knit more than 198 rows in an item, so two row counters are well enough for me ;-)

After having done the ninth loop of the yellow row counter I’m taking the first loop of the green row counter on my needle = row 10.
From row 11 on I use the first loop of the yellow (= 1) and the first loop of the green row counter (= 10) on my needle = row 11. etc. etc.

It worked well for me in any case and I’m nearly looking forward to knitting my next item where I have to knit a lot of rows ;-)


How To Crochet A Treble Treble Stitch

Here at unikatissima:
Row Counter Bracelet
Knitting Row Counter

Magic Ball

Knitters Review Magic Ball

I wrote about leftover needlework before, however I find the magic ball, a yarn skein from yarn rests knotted together, so great that I wanted to mention it again.

It doesn’t matter there whether you knit it or crochet it or both, it looks greatnearly every time. Some use it for freeform work, some crochet only half double crochets or knit in stockinette or garter stitch.
I think it would also look great if you used the magic ball for weaving.

Many people like the loose ends to be seen, in the instruction someone even suggested to add beads on the tails, which have to be long enogh for this (entry of mbriz).

Magic Ball (Tips and Tricks: Magic Ball Knitting)

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For your inspiration:
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Shortrow Spiral

knitting-and Shortrow Spiral

I like spirals – now I like rectangular ones, too ;-)
What I like especially at the short row spiral is the fact that you never have more stitches on the needle than the width of the stripes.
I can make it with normal double pointed needles (which I own in all sizes) and additionally I find the frequent back and forth less boring than knitting those immense long rows.
Here the spiral is part of an afghan but you can work it larger to make a (square) afghan from.
And personally I find the stripes a little too narrow, I’m sure that they can be knitted wider.
Well, let’s see.

Shortrow Spiral
via: Shortrow Spiral

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