Granny Squares Bookmark

Martha Stewart Granny Squares Bookmark

You can make lots of things from granny squares, I’ve also presented giant granny squares for the floor before.
But you can also make veeery small granny squares and connect to a granny squares bookmark ;-)


Granny Squares Bookmark (Knitting and Crocheting Projects – 24 of 24 – Granny Squares)

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Giant Granny Squares
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Granny Square Spiral

youtube nadelspiel_com Granny Square Spiral

I once wrote a tutorial for a crochet spiral and I find such a Granny Square Spiral also great :)

    The video is in German, so here some explanations that may help:

  • For the parts that get broader/smaller she’s using sequences of single crochets (“feste Masche”), half double crochets (“halbe Stäbchen”) and double crochets (“Stäbchen”), she ends every colour with a slip stitch (“Kettmasche”).
  • At some points she’s crocheting more than one stitch in one stitch.
  • After the Granny Square is actually finished, she adds a round of single crochets in the last colour to make the border more beautiful.
  • The Granny Square spiral can always be made larger by crocheting more rounds.

Häkeln: Granny Square Spirale * Granny Square mit Ringelpietz (German)
English Wikipedia entry for ‘Granny Square’

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Crochet Spiral

Adult Granny Square Hat

stitch-simply Adult Granny Square Hat

Again something that you can make from crochet squares – and muuuch more faster than afghans ;-)) – a hat from five crochet squares.

But I never wear hats…


Adult Granny Square Hat

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Bag from Granny Squares

Vallieskids Granny Squares Bag

I really like crochet bags ;-), therefore the tutorial on how to make bags from crochet squares came in handy.
It remembered me of Inga’s Häkelbeutel, but is still easier to make.
You can make it also with my Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe but I think that the holes will be too big if you don’t line it.

Anyhow: Have fun crocheting the next beach bag ;-)


Bag from Granny Squares (Get Your Granny On~ bag)

via: ravelry tutorial for it

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Inga’s Häkelbeutel – German Granny Square Bag

unikatissima Ingas Haekelbeutel mit Quadrat Margarethe

Via a craftster thread (Inga’s Häkelbeutel ~ German Granny Square Bag (CAL)) I found the tutorial for Inga’s Häkelbeutel (PDF ~140 KB).
The Granny square bag is to be found everywhere in internet and I understand why, because it is a brilliant idea.

On the photo I took my Lacy Crochet Square Margarethe from the day before yesterday and assembled it (digitally) to Inga’s Häkelbeutel – I haven’t had time yet to do it ‘for real’.
Looks good anyhow, doesn’ it?

At craftster: Inga’s Häkelbeutel ~ German Granny Square Bag (CAL) (‘CAL’ means ‘Crochet Along’: everybody crochet the same thing and later they compare the results)

Inga’s Häkelbeutel (PDF ~140 KB – Englisch)
Inga’s Häkelbeutel (PDF ~140 KB – German)