Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter

Alice and Lois Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter

Another nice embroidery hoop idea again: the embroidery hoop hanging planter :)


Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter (DIY Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter)
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Embroidery Hoop with Pressed Flowers

LilyArdor Embroidery Hoop with Pressed Flowers

Isn’t the embroidery hoop with pressed flowers nice? :)
However I think that I would prefer to make another letter like an ‘u’ e.g. ;-)


Embroidery Hoop with Pressed Flowers (Pressed Floral Hoops)
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Embroidery Hoop Planter

northstory Embroidery Hoop Planter

Well, I wouldn’t make an embroidery hoop planter from an embroidery hoop, because I am sure that you can greatly also use cardboard ;-)


Embroidery Hoop Planter (Upcycled Planter)
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Embroidery Hoop Clock

modage Embroidery Hoop Clock

An embroidery hoop clock is nothing else than a clock in an embroidery hoop ;-)
A nice idea, isn’t it?

Thanks, Brigitte!


Embroidery Hoop Clock (DIY: Stickrahmen Uhr im Patchwork-Look) (German)
via: Nie wieder Langeweile! 100 Upcycling Ideen zum Nähen, Basteln und Dekorieren

Magazine Embroidery Hoop

unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop

Once I’ve seen somewhere (but I don’t remember, where ;-() how somebody made an embroidery hoop from magazine paper.
On the photo you see how it looks. I used quite stiff advertising paper and the hoop became very robust.
This way I can make fast and cheap embroidery hoops in different sizes :)


  • Paper, e.g. advertising paper
    It should be strong and may not stain(!) the fabric.
  • Log or dowel
    I used a 8mm knitting needle
  • Tape
  • Drinking glass or the like with the required diameter

That’s what you do:
unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Select appropriate paper sheets.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Roll and fold the paper sheets to paper strips of equal width (see tutorial here).


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Coil one paper strip firm around the glass and fix with tape.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Tape the hoop very well.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Slip the hoop over the glass again and coil the second strip of paper very firmly around the first hoop, tape very well, too.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop These are both hoops, one can be slipped exactly over the other.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop Put the fabric into the embroidery hoop and embroider.
I didn’t iron the fabric, but it’s firmly tightened into the hoop.


unikatissima Magazine Embroidery Hoop That’s the way everything looks from the backside.


Have fun with your embroidery :)

Here at unikatissima: Folded Paper Strips of Equal Width

Eightfold Recycled Sweater

Posed Perfection Eightfold Recycled Sweater

‘Eightfold recycled sweater’ because she has made from this one S sized sweater eight projects: a pumpkin vase, an headband, an embroidery hoop pumpkin, a dollar store vase, a lumbar pillow, stuffed pumpkins, a cuff bracelet and a neck warmer :)
You can find a picture of all projects in the tutorial.


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now only available through webarchive: Eightfold Recycled Sweater (The Anatomy of an Up-Cycled Sweater)