Floral Ice Cubes

HubPages chipped teacup Floral Ice Cubes

Aren’t the floral ice cubes beautiful?!
But please be careful to only use edible flowers, I wouldn’t want to loose readers ;-))

By the way, you can use the floral ice cubes surely also for ice jewelry, then you may also use non-edible flowers ;-)


floral ice cubes
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Ice Jewelry

Ice Cube Cozies

craftster Ice Cube Cozies

craftster organizes challenges on a regular basis, one of them was the Craft Challenge #30 – Cozies WITH Irony.
Personally I liked the Ice Cube Cozies best, but make sure to check also the others, like An Irony Filled Tea Cozy or the Brrr… Antenna hat!.

But I don’t think that I will put any of those cozies on my that’s-what-I-really-have-to-do-list ;-))

At craftster: Craft Challenge #30 – Cozies WITH Irony
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By way of example check


Flower Ice

Family Fresh Cooking Flower Ice

Now that it gets warmer I want to make me such a flower ice :)
But possibly I will eat the previously presented floral ice cubes ;-)


Flower Ice (Spring Bouquet Popsicles)
via: 33 Irresistibly Spring DIYs – 9. Put edible flowers in your popsicles.
via: Put edible flowers in your popsicles.

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Floral Ice Cubes