Book Wall Art and Jewelry Holder

Book Wall Art and Jewelry Holder

‘Book Wall Art and Jewelry Holder’ is a lengthy title for a great wall installation art :)


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via: 10 Book Themed Decor Ideas For Every Room Of The House
=> scroll down to 3. Deco Book Wall

Rotating Cardboard Jewelry Holder

Vikalpah Rotating Cardboard Jewelry Holder

That’s not the first jewelry holder that I present, but the first you can rotate: the rotating cardboard jewelry holder :)


Rotating Cardboard Jewelry Holder (DIY Rotating Jewelry Storage using Cereal box)

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Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder

EPBOT Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder

I have already presented a lot of stuff with plastic bottles and some jewelry holders, but this is the first plastic bottle jewelry holder ;-)
And it is nice, isn’t it? :)


Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder (“Dew” It Yourself Jewelry Stand )
via: Make a Recycled Soda Bottle Jewelry Stand

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Puzzle Jewelry Holder

etsy SJPuzzles Puzzle Jewelry Holder

Isn’t this puzzle jewelry holder beautiful?
And it can be used for everything light, that is candles, glass spheres (as you can see ;-)), beautiful pieces of wood etc.pp. :)
Do you also want to look at other things made with puzzle pieces? :)


Puzzle Jewelry Holder (Pink Jewelry Holder, Candle Holder, made of Jigsaw Puzzle pieces)

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Tea Cups Jewelry Holder

ElBrooklynTaco Tea Cups Jewelry Holder

What a nice idea: glue together old cups to a tea cups jewelry holder.
If you don’t have enough jewelry you may surely also put bonbons in the holder ;-)


Tea Cups Jewelry Holder (DIY Teacup Sculpture Complete!)
via: Make a Teacup Sculpture
via: So cute! Glue mugs together for a funky jewelry holder.
via: Dollar store tea cups hot-glued for bathroom storage

Shoe Jewelry Holder

recyclart Shoe Jewelry Holder

Well, do you still have old shoes?
If they’re not fetid, you can apparently use them easily as jewelry holder ;-)
Just as many other things ;-)


Shoe Jewelry Holder (Shoes for storing)

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Plaster and Doll Arms Jewelry Holder

tinylittlelife Jewelry Holder

I presented already the necklace bust and the mini dress-form jewelry stand, now here another just as well idea: a plaster board with cast in doll arms.

It get’s more and more difficult to decide where to put your jewelry, doesn’t it? ;-))


Plaster and Doll Arms Jewelry Holder (Jewelry Holder)

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