Moldable Stamps

Moldable Stamps

I knew about those moldable foam stamps, but I never realized how versatile they are and what great stamps you can make from them. You can even combine them into stunning collages.
I’m speechless again ;-))

On the photo you see my attempt at stamping a clothespins pattern. Because I don’t have no moldable stamp, I used my kneaded eraser. I think this is a great background for a card.

Moldable Foam Stamps
Foam Stamping: The Follow-Up

unikatissima’s Eraser Stamps

Mould Making

Crafts Unleashed Mould Making

The instruction shows mould making.
It is meant for butter, but I don’t know how food safe all this is.
But it surely suited for soap making.
And additionally you can find here in the blog more ideas for moulds :)


Mould Making (Customizable Butter Mold)
via: Customizable Butter Mold

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Nature Polymer Clay Jewelry

Beadazzle Me Nature Polymer Clay Jewelry

The nature polymer clay jewelry is pretty much the same than the nature polymer clay pendants and I wanted to present it again because I like it so much :)


Nature Polymer Clay Jewelry (Polymer Clay Free Tutorial: Making a mold using Weeds, Flowers, & Pods)

Here at unikatissima:
Nature Polymer Clay Pendants

Polymer Clay Bead Moulds

INSIDE OUT Polymer Clay Bead Moulds

Don’t the beads look beautiful?
They are made in polymer clay bead moulds that you can make yourself using beautiful buttons.
A great idea!


Polymer Clay Bead Moulds (Buttons and beads (1)) (English and French)
via: Buttons and Beads (2)
via: PART 2 of Violette Laporte’s tutorial for making molds of buttons and using the molds to make beads.