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Do you remember the origami vase?
The paper vase is similar – and I find it even a little bit nicer :)
You can find here in the blog also quite different paper vases in the broader sense :)


Paper Vase (Minimal Vase DIY Project from Paper Craft Home)

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Origami Vase
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Woven Newspaper Vase II

instructables shazni Woven Newspaper Vase II

I presented an entry with the title ‘Woven Newspaper Vase’ before, but then it was a completely different woven newspaper vase than here.
I find this woven newspaper vase here very fascinating :)


Woven Newspaper Vase II (Newspaper Vase – Twist Weave)

Here at unikatissima:
Woven Newspaper Vase

Woven Newspaper Vase

The Creative Year Woven Newspaper Vase

I like paper weaving and recycling, too, but I like it even better if all come together ;-)

This happens here: they had the inventive idea to glue some newspaper on beverage cartons and weave them with plastic strips to make a (non-waterproof!) vase from.
What a great idea!

Woven Newspaper Vase

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Toilet Paper Roll Mini Vases

homework Toilet Paper Roll Mini Vases

Aren’t these toilet paper roll mini vases cute?
The flowers are of paper and you can adapt the mini vases with the choice of paper to different occasions! :)


Toilet Paper Roll Mini Vases (Celebrations: Paper Flower Party Favors)
via: Paper Flower Favors