Pinecone Ornament with Bead

Pet Scribbles Pinecone Ornament with Bead

I find the pinecone ornament with bead really nice :)
Previously I have already presented a tutorial on how to dip-paint pine cones, that could make everything easier.
And for Spring and Summer I have previously presented pine cone ornaments :)


Pinecone Ornament with Bead (How to make a stunning teal pinecone ornament!)
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Paint Dipped Pinecones
Colourful Beads and Pine Cone Ornaments

Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

Handmade Charlotte Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

If you still have some pinecones over after the already presented pinecone projects you can make a couple of these cute pinecone Christmas tree ornaments :)


Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament (Pinecone Ornaments: Three Ways)
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Pinecone Light

Pinecone Light

I find the pinecone light very romantic :)

And if you still have some over after making these, take a look at what else you can do with pinecones.


Pinecone Light (Simple and inexpensive December centerpieces. Made these for my December wedding! Pinecones, spanish moss, fairy lights and dollar store vases.)
=> they link to Winter Wedding Ideas To Use On Your Big Day but I haven’t found the pinecone light there

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Heaps of Christmas Trees

This year I looked just for fun for Christmas trees in the broader sense and found so many that it feels as if I’d have had to start already in August presenting them ;-)
That’s why I present here several instructions and inspirations in the three categories Christmas trees, Christmas tree table decorations and Christmas tree shaped ornaments:


Christmas Trees

OhGizmo Bookshelf Christmas Tree
Great idea: simply fill a book shelve in the right way and get your bookshelf Christmas tree immediately ;-)

Bookshelf Christmas Tree (OGCC Day 15 – DIY Bookshelf Christmas Tree)


Better Homes and Gardens Quick and Easy Christmas Wall Decor
Also a beautiful idea: simply fill a large beautiful picture frame with globe ornaments to get a picture frame Christmas tree.
Most suitable for people with too little room ;-)

Picture Frame Christmas Tree (Quick & Easy Christmas Wall Decor)
via: Wire Tree Display
via: 24 christmas tree projects


not martha Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile
I found this idea also extraordinary beautiful: a hanging Christmas globe ornament Christmas tree.

Christmas Globe Ornament Christmas Tree (Christmas tree ornament mobile, how-to)
via: DIY FYI: Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile.


DIY Christmas ideas: String Art Christmas Tree
It doesn’t stop there: you can also do something with a white board and a lot of thread, viz. a string art Christmas tree.

String Art Christmas Tree (DIY Christmas ideas: String Art Christmas Tree)


apartment therapy Wall Collection Christmas Tree
I really like the wall collection Christmas tree, too, it should suit people with little room and an enthusiasm for collecting ;-)

Jane’s Wall Collection Christmas Tree
via: Best of DIY Holiday Gifts & Decor (Liste unter ‘show more’)


Christmas Tree Table Decorations

Spoon and Tamago Miniature Pinecone
Also cute, aren’t they? Little pinecone Christmas trees for the table ;-)

Pinecone Christmas Trees (DIY: Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree)


Half Baked - The Cake Blog Sparkling Christmas Trees
Or what about sparkly white ice cone Christmas trees for once?

Ice Cone Christmas Trees (DIY: Sparkling Christmas Trees)


sei lifestyle Spool Christmas Tree
Very easy: wrap yarn spools in beautiful gift paper and you get a yarn spool Christmas tree ;-)

Yarn Spool Christmas Tree (On the 7th & 8th Days…)
via: Spool Tree
via: 24 christmas tree projects


Cup Of Delight Button Christmas Tree
Some people have lots of green buttons, you can easily make a button Christmas Tree then ;-)

Button Christmas Tree
via: Button Christmas Tree


Wonder Forest Printed Paper Pine Tree
I really like this idea, too: simply stack lots of paper and make a paper Christmas tree ;-)

Paper Christmas Tree (DIY Printed Paper Pine Tree – Anthropologie Inspired)
via: Anthro Inspired Sheet Music or Book Page Christmas Tree {Wonder Forest}


Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments

Modern Minerals Button Tree Ornament
Should you still have a couple of green buttons then you also can make this – as I find really cute – Christmas tree shaped ornament ;-)

Christmas Tree Shaped Ornament (Button Tree Ornament)
via: Button Christmas tree.


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