Plaster Sculpture

StencilGirl Plaster Sculpture

I have already presented a carved plaster free-form sculpture and a plaster freeform sculpture made in a balloon.
This plaster sculpture is made with a stencil and cardboard inner workings.
I find idea and result amazing! :)


Plaster Sculpture (Make a Plaster Sculpture from a Stencil)

Here at unikatissima:
Plaster Free-Form Sculpture
Plaster Freeform Sculpture

Plaster Freeform Sculpture

FirstPalette Plaster Freeform Sculpture

I’ve presented a plaster freeform sculpture before which has been ‘carved’.
This plaster freeform sculpture here is poured in a balloon and knead there in shape.
Sounds interesting – and not only for children ;-)

If you’re not a ‘balloon kneader’ try the balloon bowls where the bowls are shaped with the help of the balloons.


Plaster Freeform Sculpture (Plaster of Paris Freeform Sculpture)
via: 10 Plaster of Paris Crafts to Try with Your Kids
via: 10 Plaster of Paris Crafts to Try with your Kids

Here at unikatissima:
Plaster Free-Form Sculpture
Balloon Bowls

3-D Sugar Sculpture

craftster 3-D Sugar Sculpture

I find this idea of making palm trees from candy really great again!
She suggests in her instruction to use the technique for ‘suckable’ Christmas wreaths.
Then it should be possible to make edible Halloween wreaths as well?! ;-)

If you want to have other shapes than leaves you can use the home-built 3-D printer ;-)
And as addition to the wreaths you can make the candy shot glasses.

I think that it would be as well interesting to try the special shapes from aluminium foil or the positive moulds from pebbles.

And somehow the whole thing should be possible to be made with chocolade instead of candy, just as the edible stucco, don’t you think so?

Well, somehow this all would be very interesting, wouldn’t it? ;-)

Life Saver 3-D sugar sculpture made easy! (tute)

Here at unikatissima:
Home-built 3-D Printer
Candy Shot Glasses
Edible Stucco
Special Shape Castings
Making Positive Plaster Moulds

Plaster Bowl

Plaster Bowl

Because I like to make bowls this tutorial on how to make a plaster bowl is high on my what-I-really-want-to-do-list.
I worked with plaster already, but never with those plaster bandages and I hope that I will have the opportunity soon.
Once I have read (but I can’t remember where) that you can cut some old fabric (e.g. old bedsheets) in strips, pull them through the plaster and put them on to emulate the rigid wrap from the tutorial.
Has anybody tried this?

Links: A website with lots of crafts for children
Plaster Bowl