How to Press Flowers, Leaves and Herbs

unikatissima Clematis VII

I already wrote about drying flowers in the microwave and about flower pounding, here at how to press flowers, leaves and herbs you can find general and comprehensive tips, there are some that I want to try out ;-)

And what to do then with the pressed flowers and leaves?
That is what I did:
unikatissima Clematis VII On the picture you see a little ‘piece of art’ that was meant originally as a card but is much to time-consuming for this: it is a Clematis petal pressed in an old phone book, embellished with self-made decorative paper and hand embroidery.


unikatissima Der trockene Sommer Here I’ve pressed a leek leaf in an old phone book, too, and embroidered it.


unikatissima Herbst I don’t know what kind of leaf this is, but I combined it with self-made decorative paper, self-made ‘papyrus’ and hand embroidery.


How to Press Flowers, Leaves and Herbs

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Faux Papyrus

Polymer Clay Flower Impressions

livemaster Titova Julia Polymer Clay Flower Impressions

The polymer clay flower impressions have been made as pieces of jewelry, but I must say that I find the inter­mediate stage even more beauti­ful with the impressed flowers and the lacerated polymer clay :)
The previously presented nature plaster impressions, the plant plaster wall art, the plaster tiles with leaves and the plaster stamps, because you could use the polymer clay flower impressions also as stamps, testify to that.


Polymer Clay Flower Impressions (МК оттиски растений и создание украшений с ними) (Russian)

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Pressed Flower Polymer Clay Bead

Art Jewelry Elements Rebekah Payne Pressed Flower Polymer Clay Bead

Aren’t these pressed flower polymer clay beads most beautiful? If you can’t get any flowers – e.g. in February ;-) – you can surely also use every other texture and I am sure that they will always look beautiful :)


Pressed Flower Polymer Clay Bead (How To ~ Two More Pressed Flower Bead Designs)
via: Art Jewelry Elements: How To ~ Two More Pressed Flower Bead Designs