Fondant Pumpkin

Judys Cakes Fondant Pumpkin

I presented the polymer clay pumpkin before (besides many other pumpkins ;-)) and I find that the fondant pumpkin resembles it very much!
Additionally it looks very yummy ;-)
Better watch which material you use for crafting!
Or even better use almond paste (marzipan), that’s easier to differ from polymer clay ;-)


Fondant Pumpkin (Autumn Pumpkin Tutorial)

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Hardware Store Pumpkin

Curbly Hardware Store Pumpkin

Ok, we don’t craft a pumpkin here, but ‘only’ decorate it.
I like the hardware store pumpkin anyhow, even though I’m not suffering of iron deficiency ;-)

Thank you so very much for the link, Brigitte!


Hardware Store Pumpkin (Hardware Store Decor: Pumpkins!)

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