Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations

Tuts tutorials Mette Jakobsen Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations

These spirograph Easter egg decorations look real three dimensional, don’t they?
In fact they are ‘only’ painted paper on wire.
I find them really nice! :)

By the way, if you are at spirograph painting: I have here in the blog more ideas on the subject of spirograph ;-)


Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations (How to Make Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations)

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Spirograph Brooch

Miauski Spirograph Brooch

How do you like the Spirograph pin?
It makes me think of ‘Zwirnsterne’ (I don’t know the English term for these) and I find that it would also make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament :)


Spirograph Brooch (Spriograph brooches / wood and thread)
=> scroll down to ‘Spriograph brooches / wood and thread’
via: Miauski a new website by Anne ten Donkelaar
via: High five…
via: amazing string brooches

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Spirograph Embroidery

flickr cresus-parpi Spirograph Embroidery

Doesn’t this look most beautiful?
I like the idea to embroider patterns of a Spirograph very much :))

What you can embellish!
And you can embroider by hand or machine, on fabric or paper, single or multi-coloured etc. etc.

Spirograph Embroidery (ecobag:spirograph 10) – there are more pictures of Spirograph embroidered items

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