Recycled Smocked Wrist Warmers

Betz White Recycled Smocked Wrist Warmers

It’s not yet really warm everywhere. You can still use a recycled wrist warmer. And much better, if you can change a boring ribbed wrist warmer in such a simple way into a nice smocked wrist warmer ;-)

By the way: this wrist warmer isn’t knitted, but sewn from an old sweater!


Recycled Smocked Wrist Warmers (Tucked Ribbing Tutorial)

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Wrist Warmer Pattern Generator

Knitting News Cast Wrist Warmer Pattern Generator

Let’s get on with the generators: This time you can let generate a pattern for knitted wrist warmers that really fit with the wrist warmer pattern generator ;-)


Wrist Warmer Knitting Pattern Generator

If you want to converse American to metric needle sizes, you can use the following table:
Knitting Needle Sizes and Conversions (Metric Sizes(mm) – US Sizes – UK/Canadian)
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Swirl Wristwarmers

Knitting and so on Swirl Wristwarmers

Aren’t the swirl wristwarmers most beautiful?

There’s also a German translation of the pattern (8-ern Wasser) and a very similar pattern (Alle 8-ung).


Swirl Wristwarmers (Pieces of Eight Mitts) (English)
via: This Pieces of Eight Mitts are more like a work of art…

German translation of the pattern: 8-ern Wasser
very similar pattern: Alle 8-ung

Double Knitted Wristwarmers

unikatissima Double Knitted Wristwarmers

Not long ago I presented the double knitted potholders.
As always it began to work in my head (not to think, thinking is stressful! ;-)) and I wanted absolutely know whether you can double knit in rounds.
You can ;-))


unikatissima Double Knitted Wristwarmers
I knitted two wristwarmers for me with a set of double-pointed needles as for socks and here you can see the inside.


unikatissima Double Knitted Wristwarmers
Here is the chart I used.
I’m not 100% positive about it because I’m simply knitting too loose and these fine patterns don’t look as good as I’d have wished.
Perhaps it is different for you :)

I knitted the pattern 5x, but of course you must adapt this to your wrists ;-))


Tutorial for double knitting: Free Knitting Patterns – Heart Double Knit Hot Pad

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Double Knitted Potholders

Stretch Sensitive Bracelet

instructables Plusea Stretch Sensitive Bracelet

Another great idea that I found in the book Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks: the stretch sensitive bracelet.
Very handy now that’s longer dark outside: as long as it’s light you wear it as normal non-shining wrist warmer and when it get’s dark, you shove it up your arm and then the light begins to shine and you’re better seen.


Stretch Sensitive Bracelet

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