Crochet Heart Decoration

Tutti guardano le nuvole Crochet Heart Decoration

I have actually already presented two crocheted hearts (crocheted heart 1 and crocheted heart 2) although this usually is not really my cup of tea.
And now a crochet heart decoration ;-)
I find it cute, though.
If you, too, are not exactly a crochet heart person, but like this kind of decoration, you may want to look again at the tomato tube leaves :)


Crochet Heart Decoration (Valentine’s Day) (Italian)

Here at unikatissima:
Crocheted Heart
Crocheted Heart II
Tomato Tube Leaves

Unorthodox Appliqué

quilterbydesign Unorthodox Applique

I don’t quilt, although it’s hard for me not just to try it out. I simply don’t have the place.
Anyhow I found this very simple way to make heart appliqués very simple way to make heart appliqués inspirational.
Perhaps just one try…?
At least a little bit?
By the way, I don’t find the stamped appliqués very orthodox, too ;-)

Unorthodox Applique
The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now available through webarchive: Unorthodox Applique

Here at unikatissima:
Stamped Appliqués

Stamped Appliqués

Stamped Appliques

Many of us have lots of beautiful stamps (some are self-carved, even from photos). Many have stamped not only on paper but also on fabric.
Nevertheless the idea of making stamped appliqués stroke me.


The tutorial is in German, but that is what she does in short:

  1. Stamp on fabric, best on smooth fabric on a rigid board.
  2. Heat set the colour by ironing the stamped fabric.
  3. To stabilize use iron-on backing or sew a zig-zag around.
  4. Cut the stamp close to it’s rim with good scissors (it’s called ‘narrow edged’ I think).

Great, isn’t it?

Making Appliqués with Stamps (German)

Here at unikatissima:
Eraser Stamps
Photo Stamps