Little Crochet Yin Yang Basket

etsy goolgool Little Crochet Yin Yang Basket

I find the little crochet Yin Yang basket a wonderful idea!
You can find instructions about clothesline crochet and crocheted Paisleys here in the blog :)


Little Crochet Yin Yang Basket (CROCHET PATTERN – 4″ yin yang jewelry dish…)

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Sweater Knitting Basket

Martha Stewart Sweater Knitting Basket

This sweater knitting basket is made from an old sweater.
If you don’t need a sweater knitting basket but have old sweaters to work with take a look here in the blog what else I have on the topic of recycling sweaters :)


Sweater Knitting Basket (Felted Knitting Basket)

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