Beaded Frangipani Flowers

Petit Bout de Chou Beaded Frangipani Flowers

They are cute, the beaded Frangipani flowers, aren’t they? :)
And you can get more beaded flowers here in the blog!


Beaded Frangipani Flowers (Freebie of the Week: Frangipani Flowers Miyuki Pattern)
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Bead Marguerite

bicer Bead Marguerite

The winter comes and you want to have flowers?
Then make your own (bead) Marguerite :)


Bead Marguerite (Flora – Webseite) (Russian)
Bead Marguerite (Flora – 010 “Flower” – picture) (Russian)
Bead Marguerite (Flora – 010 “Flower” – diagram) (Russian)

Pressed Flower Polymer Clay Bead

Art Jewelry Elements Rebekah Payne Pressed Flower Polymer Clay Bead

Aren’t these pressed flower polymer clay beads most beautiful? If you can’t get any flowers – e.g. in February ;-) – you can surely also use every other texture and I am sure that they will always look beautiful :)


Pressed Flower Polymer Clay Bead (How To ~ Two More Pressed Flower Bead Designs)
via: Art Jewelry Elements: How To ~ Two More Pressed Flower Bead Designs

Bead Flower

bicer Bead Flower

I can imagine this delicate bead flower wonderfully as brooch! :)
You can find on the website as well the picture as well the chart for the bead flower.


Bead Flower (Flora – website) (Russian)
Bead Flower (Flora – 004 “Flower” – Picture) (Russian)
Bead Flower (Flora – 004 “Flower” – Chart) (Russian)