Knitting Pattern ‘Corrugated Stockinette’

unikatissima Knitting Pattern Corrugated Stockinette

Recently I knitted something in brioche knitting and thought that it should look good if I’d alternate knit stitches and brioche stitches.
I find that it looks really good ;-))
Because it reminds me of corrugated cardboard I called it ‘Corrugated Stockinette’.

Although I’ve never seen this pattern in internet I’m sure that I’m not the first to devise (discover?!) it ;-)

And that’s what you do:
Knitted in rows:
Cast on an odd number of stitches
1. row: purl across (wrong side)
2. row: * 1 k, 1 dk *, repeat from * to *, end with 1 k
repeat rows 1-2 until reached the desired height

dk (‘deep knit’) means not to knit the stitch of the current row but the stitch of the previous row (enter needle into knit stitch of row below as if to knit, knit), the stitch of the current row disappears.

The fabric curls, it must therefore be blocked.

Knitted in rounds:
Additionally you can knit it easily in rounds, too:
cast on an even number of stitches, mark begin of the round
1. round: knit across
2. round: * 1 k, 1 dk *, repeat from * to *
repeat rows 1-2 until reached the desired height


unikatissima Knitting Pattern Corrugated Stockinette
Of course you can knit scarves from this pattern, but also double scarves by knitting in rounds and simply sewing the openings on top and bottom.
I think that the pattern would look fine as well for bags (in rounds, but only sew the bottom ;-)), for wristwarmers (in rounds, but don’t sew anything ;-))), for hats, cardigans, sweaters and actually everything else ;-))

Have much fun with it!

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Brioche Pattern Knitting

unikatissima Brioche Pattern Knitting

Recently I busied myself with something very special: brioche pattern knitting.
And now you can try it, too :)))

You can see on the picture a scarf that I knitted with the instruction further below.


unikatissima Brioche Pattern Knitting As you can clearly see the pattern is ‘normal’ on one side and inverted on the other.
Because it is brioche knitting nothing curls and the fabric is wonderfully soft.


I find brioche pattern knitting fun, even interesting and amazingly fast (but perhaps I only became a much faster knitter with more practice ;-)))

By the way I used one of my random squares as template ;-)

Brioche Pattern Knitting – Pattern Jade (unikatissima’s brioche pattern jade) (English) – PDF file(~ 620 KB)

Here at unikatissima:
Random Squares Pattern Generator

I have still more brioche knitting patterns in unikatissima’s shop, partly free, partly for purchase.
You may find there something that you like, too :)

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