Cardboard Christmas Tree

Behance Sabine Fuereder Cardboard Christmas Tree

I have presented a cardboard Christmas tree before and I find this cardboard Christmas tree here even more interesting :)


Cardboard Christmas Tree (Merry Christmas) (without words, photos)
via: Christmas Tree Made of Upcycled Amazon Packaging

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Cardboard Christmas Tree

Cardboard Tea Light Holder

Comparte tus Ecoideas Cardboard Tea Light Holder

Doesn’t the cardboard tea light holder looks elegant? :)
It is made in a similar way than the tealight holder and the cardboard chandeliers.


Cardboard Tea Light Holder (De cartón) (Spanish)
=> they link to marie claire ideas but I haven’t found it there

Here at unikatissima:
Tealight Holder
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Toilet Paper Roll Mobile Holder

krokotak Toilet Paper Roll Mobile Holder

I find the toilet paper roll mobile holder brilliant: I’ve tried it and it was very simple and works neat!
Admittedly I haven’t decorated it with such beautiful paper ;-)


Toilet Paper Roll Mobile Holder (How to make phone holder from toilet paper rolls)