Crocheted Flower Bag

Schachenmayr Crocheted Flower Bag

Here is Summer, the crocheted flower bag fits this greatly :)
And if you do not like it (very much), you can find more crocheted bags here in the blog :)


Crocheted Flower Bag (Colorful Flower Bag, S9023) (English and German)

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Crochet Tote

Red Heart Crochet Tote

I didn’t have the heart to crochet one of the endless crochet totes yet, because I’m always afraid that the handles are too elastic.
After having read at Kokopelli that the handles of this crochet tote don’t stretch I can give it a try :)


Crochet Tote (Crochet Save the Earth Bag)
via: Save the Earth Crochet Bag