Polymer Clay Feathers

The Gilded Hare Polymer Clay Feathers

I have presented polymer clay feathers before, these polymer clay feathers here are more ‘feathery’ – and in another way as nice :)


Polymer Clay Feathers (diy clay feathers)
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Polymer Clay Feather

Feathered Pencil

Jaderbomb Feathered Pencil

Also nice, the feathered pencil, isn’t it? :)
And you can make more with left over feathers!
And with left over yarn, too ;-)


Feathered Pencil (DIY Feather Pencils with 12 Months of Martha)
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Polymer Clay Feather

livemaster Aleksanta Polymer Clay Feather

Somehow I present feathers from all kinds of material time and again, this is my first polymer clay feather.
Beautiful, isn’t it? :)


Polymer Clay Feather (Мастер-класс: создаем перья из полимерной глины) (Russian)
via: Мастер-класс: создаем перья из полимерной глины

Stamping with a Feather

the spruce Stamping with a Feather

I’d never have thought of stamping with a feather.
But I have to give it a try!

You can use so many things for stamping :)


Stamping with a Feather (How to Stamp or Print with a Feather)
via: Printmaking. Make a Stamp or Print with a Feather, skeleton leaves, live leafs in nature, Etc Fern us too cheesy.

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