Amazing Kirigami Pop Up Card

Kirigami Arts Amazing Kirigami Pop Up Card

This is really an amazing kirigami pop up card, isn’t it? :)
Almost more beautiful than the other Kirigami tutorials before.


Amazing Kirigami Pop Up Card (11 How To Make An Amazing Kirigami Pop Up Card Tutorial) (video)

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Kirigami Flower

Kirigami Flower

While browsing Origami links I found a tutorial on how to cut Kirigami flowers, a technique we used when we were children for cutting snowflakes.
I hadn’t realized that this technique is so widely usable and brings so beautiful results.
On the photo you see a flower I cut in very short time for a greeting card and suddenly I felt the urge to doodle on it ;-)
Every petal looks different now.
The photo is bad, but I hope that you can see what I am talking about.

Kirigami Flower

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