Knitted Sanquhar Gloves

This year there’s no Advent calendar, unfortunately I didn’t manage it.
But perhaps you can find one in the last years Advent calendars that you like and that you haven’t made yet.
Anyway I wish you a good Advent time! :)


TataAndTatao Knitted Sanquhar Gloves

In exchange I looked up these most beautiful knitted Sanquhar gloves for you :)


Knitted Sanquhar Gloves (How to knit a pair of Sanquhar gloves)
via: Sanquhar Gloves (サンカ手袋)

Latvian Fingerless Gloves

ravelry Dela Hausmann Latvian Fingerless Gloves

Aren’t the Latvian fingerless gloves beautiful?!
That’d be a great Christmas gift for someone special, wouldn’t it? :)

An if you are more a bead type, try the previously presented Lithuanian wristwarmers.
I have also presented other wristwarmers :)


Latvian Fingerless Gloves (Latvian Blooms) (German and English)

Here at unikatissima:
Lithuanian Wristwarmers
Entries containing the word ‘wristwarmer’

Ladies’ Knitted Gloves

Project Gutenberg-Handbook Wool Knitting-Ladies Gloves

At Project Gutenberg I found more books about needlecraft, e.g. the Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet from 1918.
They have e.g. nice knitted Ladie’s gloves (see picture).
It’s still warm, we thus have enough time to knit some cute Ladie’s gloves for us/a good friend ;-)
Most patterns are naturally out of fashion, but some knee caps for people who must warm their knees or the Tam-o’-Shanter, a kind of bonnet, can be up to date.

Project Gutenberg
Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet


unikatissima Actinia Wristwarmers

Once I saw the Worm Scarf and having read the instruction for the ‘worms’ I thought that you can knit great fringes this way.
I begun with wristwarmers and after having finished them they looked like the sea anemones called Actinia.

Then I was hooked and knitted an Actinia headband, an Actinia ring and an Actinia brooch (see pictures below).
It is soooo much fun ;-)

And for all this items I wrote a tutorial. You can find the link below at the links.


unikatissima Actinia Headband This is the headband.
It is just possible that there are slightly too much fringes!?


unikatissima Actinia Ring My Actinia ring – cute, isn’t it?


unikatissima Actinia Brooch That is the brooch. It looks great on my black overcoat.


unikatissima Actinia The Actinia wristwarmers and ring can easily be worn over woollen gloves if it’s really cold.


unikatissima Actinia Anklewarmer I haven’t done the Actinia anklewarmer yet, I made the picture with my not yet sewn wristwarmer.
Looks great, doesn’t it?


unikatissima’s Englisch tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

unikatissima’s German tutorial for Actinia (PDF – ca. 400 KB)
(with explaining photos)

There you find instructions on how to
knit items with fringes,
add knitted fringes to finished items,
knit the wristwarmers,
knit the headband,
knit the ring,
knit the brooch and
knit an I-cord.
I also added ideas for more ways to befringe items.

Worm Scarf

Wikipedia: Sea anemones