Ice Votives

Intimate Weddings Ice Votives

The ice votives are actually the same than the previously presented ice glasses, but these were dyed :)


Ice Votives (DIY Ice Candles Tutorial)
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Perler Beads Lampshade

HAMA perler Perler Beads Lampshade

Actually perler beads are not my cup of tea, but I find this perler beads lampshade amusing – although I surely would use different colours :)


The original site showed a database error, but it is available through webarchive: Perler Beads Lampshade (Sy en lampe af Hama perler) (Danish)
via: Discover ideas about Pearler Bead Patterns

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Lighted Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pillar Box Blue Lighted Pine Cone Christmas Tree

It is not soo long until Christmas anymore, you may as well begin collecting pine cones, so that you can make such a lighted pine cone Christmas tree later ;-)


Lighted Pine Cone Christmas Tree (How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Tree With Lights)

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