Minimalist Lampshade

Homedit Agata Dimmich Minimalist Lampshade

That’s what I really call a minimalistic lampshade!
And I like it :)

If you don’t like it quite so minimalistic take a look at the other already presented lampshades ;-)


Minimalist Lampshade (DIY Folded Lampshade With Wooden Elements)
via: DIY Folded lampshade with wooden elements
via: Design Folded lampshade

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Inside Map Lampshade

Pillar Box Blue Inside Map Lampshade

And just when I have found a map lampshade I have found another inside map lampshade where the map is glued on the inside.
Looks also good, doesn’t it? :)


Inside Map Lampshade (An Amazing Ikea Lamp Hack -Pimp your Rismon Lampshade with Maps)
via: Ikea Map Lamp Hack

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Map Lampshade

Book Lamp

etsy TypewriterBoneyard Book Lamp

I have presented a book lamp in the post recycle books before, it has been quite different from this book lamp – but just as beautiful :)


Book Lamp (Hardback Book Lamp – Inkblot Perception & Personality)
=> not an instruction
via: Hardback Book Lamp
via: Hardback Book Lamp

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