Leather Knot Earrings

DaWanda pikfine Leather Knot Earrings

Nice, the leather knot earrings, aren’t they?

And if you don’t like them very much, take a look at the pipa knot earrings or the knot charm you can make earrings from, or even the macramé swirl earrings or the macramé earrings :)


Leather Knot Earrings (Make Your Own Knotted Leather Earrings) (English)
Leather Knot Earrings (Leder-Ohrringe selber machen) (German)

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Macramé Leaves Necklace

Macrame Lovers Blog Jeanne Wertman Macramee Leaves Necklace

This most beautiful macramé leaves necklace combines macramé leaves and beaded leaves like the ones I’ve presented before as beaded leaves and beaded leaves brooch.
I find that this is something very special :)


Macramé Leaves Necklace (Macrame Necklace From Jeanne Wertman)

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Beaded Leaves
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Braided Bracelet

zhongguojie Braided Bracelet

I presented several varying braided bracelets before, this braided bracelet is Chinese braid and knot work and I find it most beautiful in its simple elegance.


Braided Bracelet (Benming evil red bracelet. The pyrene in Patong Results Strap tutorials.)
=> the original link is a Chinese braiding forum where I didn’t find the tutorial

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