Oglala Butterfly Necklace

auroram Oglala Butterfly Necklace

Actually ruffles are not what I really like, but I find these ‘ruffle necklaces’ somehow fascinating.
I found in internet many pictures of other, equally beautiful necklaces and bracelets.
Later I found another tutorial for these and other ruffles which I used for my beaded bottle.

The tutorial is rather old and I could only find it in web archive: Oglala Butterfly

Tutorial for these and other ruffles (Ruffles and Curls in Peyote Stitch)

Google image search result for ‘oglala butterfly’

Here at unikatissima:
Beaded Bottle

Beaded Rings and Headbands

Beaded Rings and Headbands

Beading is such a versatile technique and once I found some quick and simple projects: beaded rings and headbands.
The headbands are made in flat netting technique and as daisy chains, the rings are made in brick stitch, which isn’t difficult, too (the site provides links and diagrams who explain/show how to do the different stitches).

I like the flat netting technique, but beaded until now only small glass tubes (see photo).

Beaded Rings and Headbands (English) (with explaining diagrams)