Plastic Bag from Plastic Bags

weupcycle Plastic Bag from Plastic Bags

I’ve presented a crocheted plastic bag tote before, where you also find a link for making ‘plarn’ (= plastic bags yarn).
The plastic bag from plastic bags is similar, but I liked that it is woven and that the handles are from a broken stunt kite :)


Plastic Bag from Plastic Bags (Day 333: Guest Post – ReBag) (English)
Plastic Bag from Plastic Bags (Tag 333: Gastbeitrag – ReBag) (German)

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Plastic Bag Tote
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Plastic Bag Sponges

Re-darbi Plastic Bag Sponges

You can make a lot of things with yarn from plastic bags (plarn), amongst others plastic bag sponges :)

By the way, I’ve presented before the shape of the sponge.


Plastic Bag Sponges (Trauku mazgājamā švammīte -soli pa solim.A SPONGE for dishwashing-DIY) (English and Latvian)
via: DIY: Plastic bags into dishwashing sponge

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TED Talk: Nature, Crochet and Geometry

Crocheted Plarn Doily Clock

creative jewish mom Crocheted Plarn Doily Clock

Isn’t this doily clock from plarn (plastic yarn) nice?
What a great idea! :)


Crocheted Plarn Doily Clock (Crocheted Plastic Bag Doily Clock)
via: 50+ Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bags
via: 50+ projects to make using upcycled Plastic bags

Recycling Necklace

Artesamia Artesatuya Recycling Necklace

I find that this recycling necklace doesn’t look like a recycling necklace ;-)

For the inside I imagine that the 7 strand plarn rope would come in handy.


Recycling Necklace (Gargantilla tribal en negro y plata, realizado con bolsas de plástico e hilos metalizados.) (Spanish)
English Google translation of the title: ‘Tribal necklace in black and silver, made with plastic bags and metallic threads.’
via: necklace from wool wrapped around plastic bags

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7 Strand Plarn Rope

7 Strand Plarn Rope

instructables DrPeper 7 Strand Plarn Rope

I find this 7 strand plarn rope great: I tried it and it is very easy braiding and really strong.
I also tried it with yarn from my stash and the cord looked also good.
There’s no photo because I find the colour combination dreadful – it’s just been a quick try ;-))

And if you don’t need plarn cord, look for other ‘uses’ of plarn ;-)


7 Strand Plarn Rope (Useful & Durable 7 Strand Rope (cord) from Plastic Shopping Bags)

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Plarn and Plastic Lids Shopping Bag

craftster Plarn and Plastic Lids Shopping Bag

Recently I made the paper shopping bag for the ‘Craft Challenge #47 – Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge 2′ and one of the other (really great!) entries was the plarn and plastic lids shopping bag.
The idea is at first sight not so different from that of the plastic bag tote (there you can also find a link on how to make plarn (= plastic yarn)), the special thing is the bottom which she made from big round plastic lids and which gives the bag a sturdy bottom.
She attached the bottom like I did with my beverage carton crochet.

A great bag!

Plarn and Plastic Lids Shopping Bag (Question: What to do with all the plastic lids cluttering my cabinet???)

Craft Challenge #47 – Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge 2
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Plastic Bag Tote

Plastic Bag Tote

At Marlo’s Crochet Corner I eventually found instructions on how to cut a plastic bag to get the ‘yarn’ for crocheting and/or knitting. She also provides an instruction on how to crochet a tote.
Once I crocheted a purse with such yarn and it worked very well, but as always I didn’t take any photo ;-(
The purse was quite stiff (which I find appropriate for a purse ;-)).
I think about making plastic yarn (plarn) and working freeform with it, but I still have no idea what to make, because items knitted of crocheted with plastic bag yarn tend to get big.

Marlo’s Crochet Corner
Plastic Bag Tote
Cutting the plastic bag ‘yarn’

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