Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder

EPBOT Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder

I have already presented a lot of stuff with plastic bottles and some jewelry holders, but this is the first plastic bottle jewelry holder ;-)
And it is nice, isn’t it? :)


Plastic Bottle Jewelry Holder (“Dew” It Yourself Jewelry Stand )
via: Make a Recycled Soda Bottle Jewelry Stand

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Plastic Bottle Brooch

FancyTat Plastic Bottle Brooch

I have presented before junk jewelry and also a lot made from plastic bottles, so it was only a question of time when I’d present a (beautiful!) plastic bottle brooch ;-)


Plastic Bottle Brooch (Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages)

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Embroidered Plastic Bottle Bracelet

Mastera-rukodeliya Beadturtle Embroidered Plastic Bottle Bracelet

The embroidered plastic bottle bracelet is not the first plastic bottle bracelet that I preesent, but possibly the most glamorous :)


Embroidered Plastic Bottle Bracelet (Master class: Bracelet from a plastic bottle and beads (Мастер-класс: Браслет из пластиковой бутылки и бисера)) (Russian)
via: Мастера рукоделия – рукоделие для дома. Бесплатные мастер-классы, фото и видео уроки – Мастер-класс: Браслет из пластиковой бутылки и бисера

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Plastic Bottle Bracelets

youtube Innova Crafts Plastic Bottle Bracelets

I have presented my knitted or crocheted bangles from plastic bottles previously.
They are great and can be adapted in size.
But if you don’t want to cover them with knitting or crochet, try these plastic bottle bracelets :)


Plastic Bottle Bracelets (DIY crafts: BRACELETS recycling plastic bottles – Innova Crafts) (video)

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Plastic Bottle Earrings

recyclart Cirrhopprecycle Plastic Bottle Earrings

I’ve presented before plastic bottle earrings from molten plastic which I find very beautiful.
For these plastic bottle earrings which I find as beautiful you don’t have to melt the plastic.


Plastic Bottle Earrings (Waterclear earrings made of plastic bottle)

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