Rotating Cardboard Jewelry Holder

Vikalpah Rotating Cardboard Jewelry Holder

That’s not the first jewelry holder that I present, but the first you can rotate: the rotating cardboard jewelry holder :)


Rotating Cardboard Jewelry Holder (DIY Rotating Jewelry Storage using Cereal box)

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Celtic Knot Key Chain

youtube Guidecentral English Celtic Knot Key Chain

You can make with the instruction instead of this Celtic knot key chain also bracelets, belts and other straps :)


Celtic Knot Key Chain (How To Tie A Celtic Bar For Bracelets Or Belts – DIY Crafts Tutorial – Guidecentral) (video)

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Polymer Clay Flower Impressions

livemaster Titova Julia Polymer Clay Flower Impressions

The polymer clay flower impressions have been made as pieces of jewelry, but I must say that I find the inter­mediate stage even more beauti­ful with the impressed flowers and the lacerated polymer clay :)
The previously presented nature plaster impressions, the plant plaster wall art, the plaster tiles with leaves and the plaster stamps, because you could use the polymer clay flower impressions also as stamps, testify to that.


Polymer Clay Flower Impressions (МК оттиски растений и создание украшений с ними) (Russian)

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DIY Ring Holder

DIY Ring Holder

It seems to be really easy to make such a DIY ring holder :)


DIY Ring Holder (What a cute idea for organizing rings or brooches. According to a pinner, “DIY Ring Holder: Since all the tutorials I found meant a LOT of cutting, rolling and gluing, I decided to do it MY way. Repurposed materials: a cheap sponge, a discarded tin & fabric scrap. Actually used my fingers to tuck the fabric instead of the knife as shown. Didn’t bother with glue. Formula for fabric size: D+D+W+1″= fabric Width by D+D+L+(number of slits X 1″)+1″= fabric Length.”) (englisch)
=> unfortunately I haven’t found the original instruction

Jewelry Bust

Design Sponge Jewelry Bust

With this jewelry bust you can treasure your jewelry, especially your necklaces, in a beautiful way and present them at the same time.
I presented a necklace bust before, I find this one more elegant with its unadorned white – but you must always look what looks best where.


diy project: jewelry bust

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