Bracelets with Colouring Pages

Persia Lou Day Bracelets with Colouring Pages

These bracelets with colouring pages are great!
There you transfer the painted colouring pages to the bracelets.
If this also works with a self-made bracelet from recycled paper or with a bracelet from a recycled plastic bottle?
Well, and when you don’t like or make bracelets, take a look at what else you can make with colouring pages :)


Bracelets with Colouring Pages (DIY Mother’s Day Bracelets using Coloring Pages)
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Printed Pictures on Candles

A Girl In Paradise Printed Pictures on Candles

To design candle light with your own pictures I presented the faux quilt votives and the clip art candles before.
Here it goes a step further because you actually transfer your self-printed pictures to the candles.


Printed Pictures on Candles (Transferring Ink to Candles)
via: Transferring Ink to Candles – Personalized candles (just need wax paper, tissue paper, sharpies & hair dryer)

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Faux Quilt Votives
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Altered Books Simplified

unikatissima Altered Books Simplified

One method to simplify the work on an altered book is to use children’s cardboard books as base. They often have the advantage, too, to have interesting shapes.
Once I began such a book (on the picture you see the original book).


unikatissima Altered Books Simplified
These are the first two pages. I used amongst others (just as for the artist book) self-dyed paper, packing tape transfers, embroidery on paper and dried flowers and leaves.

Because of the embroidery I don’t immediately glue the papers in but I finish the pages first.

The following pages aren’t finished yet – just another UFO (unfinished object) ;-)

Altered Books Simplified

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Packing Tape Transfers

unikatissima Packing Tape Transfers a

Packing tape transfers are wonderful ;-)

You can see how it looks e.g. at the flexagons or at my artist book.

In the instruction they are using laser prints that they sell but I’ve made already all sorts of papers (more or less) ‘transparent’: articles from Arabic and Chinese newspapers, pictures from old comic books, patterns from some ads or my beloved travel brochure, pages from old music books or old books written in Fraktur.
Self-printed pictures (I have an inkjet) didn’t work and the quality of my packing tape transfers was differing strongly.
Therefore it’s true again: The proof of the pudding is in the eating ;-))

Transfers With Packing Tape

Wikipedia entry for ‘Fraktur’ (English)
Wikipedia entry for ‘Fraktur’ (German)

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Faux Quilt Votives

Just Something I Made Faux Quilt Votives

I find this idea really great, too: simply scan old quilts, print, sew a little and wrap around a votive ;-)
It’s a little bit as with the Fabric/Paper Place Mat.
And I think that it would look wonderful, too, with a paper Crazy Quilt!

By the way: the paper gets more transparent when you paint it slightly with oil.
It will smell a while, but then the smell disappears ;-)

On the page she also shows how to print the quilt picture onto inkjet T-shirt transfer and embellish leather with it – great!

Faux Quilt Votives (Faux Vintage Quilt Fun)

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Inkjet Transfer Stamping

Inkjet Transfer Stamping

As I mentioned before, I don’t often stamp. Therefore I found the tutorial on how to make stamps with an inkjet printer very interesting.

I haven’t tried it yet and possibly I never will, because printer ink is also expensive, but who knows? Because I really want to ‘stamp’ the image on the photo and I’m sure that I wont carve it from an eraser ;-)


Craft Chi: Inkjet Transfer Stamping

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Eraser Stamps

Artist Book


As mentioned before in the entry about paper beads, I once created an artist book.

Step Outside Your Box Saturdays posted this week a challenge about books and I thought it an opportunity to show my artist book ‘blickkontakt’ (which means ‘eye contact’).

I wanted ‘blickkontakt’ to give the viewer many surprises to discover and created therefore several windows and fold-outs.
The pages were created from cardboard and covered in hand-stained papers. Then I stamped, embroidered, tape transfered, sketched, scribbled and glued.

Enjoy the pictures
(Click thumbnails to see photos)

Artist-Book The cover with the round medaillon in its ‘pocket’. Along the spine I let hang the threads with the paper beads.


Artist-Book Still the cover, but this time showing the backside of the round medaillon.


Artist-Book Pages 1 & 2: You see the eye through a round window, the spirals are hand-embroidered, the little altered slide can be put into the lace pocket.


Artist-Book Pages 3 & 4: The images are tape transfered, the flourishes are hand-embroidered.


Artist-Book Pages 5 & 6: I stamped, wove paper, embroidered, crocheted. The dark circle is a free swinging altered bottle cap, the semicircle on the left upper side is a fold-out, where I glued a hand-beaded star.
(Unfortunately the tape transfers gleam so, that you can’t see their motif.)


Artist-Book Pages 7 & 8: I cut two little round windows into the right page.
The raffia forms a little pocket, where I put a transparent tape transfer tag.


Artist-Book Pages 9 & 10: Stamping, tape transfers, embroidered spirals, fold-outs, hand-stained crochet flower and hand-made bead fringe.


Artist-Book The verso with tape transfers, stamps and a ringlet from a fake hairpiece.


I created more artist books, if you like to see them, take a look at Art.

If you want to create your own (Altered or Artist) Book, you may want to take a look at the following links (the list is far from complete!):

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Some of the used techniques:
Paper staining
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Image Transfer Techniques:
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