Bracelets with Colouring Pages

Persia Lou Day Bracelets with Colouring Pages

These bracelets with colouring pages are great!
There you transfer the painted colouring pages to the bracelets.
If this also works with a self-made bracelet from recycled paper or with a bracelet from a recycled plastic bottle?
Well, and when you don’t like or make bracelets, take a look at what else you can make with colouring pages :)


Bracelets with Colouring Pages (DIY Mother’s Day Bracelets using Coloring Pages)
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Printed Pictures on Candles

A Girl In Paradise Printed Pictures on Candles

To design candle light with your own pictures I presented the faux quilt votives and the clip art candles before.
Here it goes a step further because you actually transfer your self-printed pictures to the candles.


Printed Pictures on Candles (Transferring Ink to Candles)
via: Transferring Ink to Candles – Personalized candles (just need wax paper, tissue paper, sharpies & hair dryer)

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