Yarn Bowl

Pocket Pause Yarn Bowl

This yarn bowl is not made from yarn, but for yarn, because it prevents your yarnball from rolling away while knitting :)


Yarn Bowl (Fiber Fridays: DIY Yarn Bowl)

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Skein Holder

ravelry Kerstin Geiger Skein Holder

When I saw the picture I thought: ‘Wristwarmers for skeins?’ ;-)
No, it is a skein holder to prevent the skein from unraveling and rolling around when you knit it from the center.
By the way, I have presented before how to wind a center pull yarn ball :)


Skein Holder (Yarn Ball Cozy)

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Center Pull Yarn Ball

Planned Pooling for Knitting

Planned Pooling for Knitting

If you have yarns with colour changes you won’t know how the knitted item will look.
The little programm for the planned pooling for knitting helps you to get an idea, you only have to fill in the number of stitches per row and per colour and if you knit in rows or in rounds.
Great! :))


Planned Pooling for Knitting (Planned Pooling)

Self-made Yarn Winder

instructables handprints Self-made Yarn Winder

I’ve already presented the self-made ball winder and the DIY yarn ball winder.
The self-made yarn winder is the same device, but made nearly for free from cardboard, duct tape and other recycling materials.
Great, isn’t it?


Self-made Yarn Winder (Make Your Own Yarn Winder for Center Pull Balls)

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Estimate Amount of Yarn

Wool Festival Estimate Amount of Yarn

I’ve found an interesting way to estimate the amount of yarn (roughly!) if you have a beautiful yarn lying before you and if you have an idea about what to knit with it.


Estimate Amount of Yarn (Wraps per inch method)
via: How to figure out the weight of your yarn – handy chart included..