Make your own pralines

craftster Coconut Kiss

I’m beginning to think about making an advent calendar.
This time I’d like to wrap some self-made pralines which is the reason that I searched for recipes.
Wow! Again there exist gazillions of links, you can find some links below.
On the photo you see a ‘Coconut Kiss’, the recipe can be found at craftster. It seems to be simple and delicious, I put it on my list ;-)

At craftster (these are the links I’m interested in, there are much more!):
Traditional brazilian sweets part II: “Coconut kiss” – “Beijinho de coco”
Fudgie-Crispie Ball Things
Sugar-spiced walnuts recipe

Onkel Heinz Pralinenmacher (German)

Google search result for ‘praline recipe’ (viz. mostly recipes in English)
Google search result for ‘praline rezept’ (viz. mostly recipes in German)