Star-shaped Pasta Bracelet

DaWanda Kinderolo Star-shaped Pasta Bracelet

What a cute idea: a star-shaped pasta bracelet :)

If you have more pasta, make yourself jewelry from pasta beads or pasta letters place cards.

And if you don’t like pasta so much, you can simply make the gummy bear bracelet ;-)


Star-shaped Pasta Bracelet (Sternchen-Armband basteln) (German)
=> for the star-shaped pasta see the ‘Stelline’ on the picture in the English Wikipedia entry for ‘Pastina’

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Wooden Bead Egg Holder

DaWanda Kiezcouture Wooden Bead Egg Holder

If you have already (made) the plain wooden beads light and the wooden beads coaster, then you need now the wooden bead egg holder ;-)
Btw, they also go well with the wooden disc eggcups :)


Wooden Bead Egg Holder (How to Make Wood Bead Egg Holders) (English)
Wooden Bead Egg Holder (Eierbecher aus Holzkugeln selber machen) (German)

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