Maze Quilt Pieces

Joannes Designs Week36 Maze Quilt Pieces

If you want to make a maze quilt, it seems that you only need to prepare several squares with white and black quarters. These are the maze quilt pieces.

Should you also want to make a maze quilt, you can find here in the blog the maze pattern generator and here a quilt that has been designed with the generator (and that looks amazing! :))


Maze Quilt Pieces (Joanne’s Maze Quilt 52″ x 62″ )
Maze Quilt – Design Choices

Here at unikatissima:
Maze Pattern Generator

Poncho Patterns

Jessica Tromp Poncho Patterns

I’m thinking about knitting a poncho for myself from YouKnits and have looked therefore for poncho patterns – and found several where I only have to select the one I like ;-)


Poncho Patterns (15-womens-PONCHOS)
=> the picture shows the template for a poncho from one rectangle, you can find it at ‘1 Rectangle poncho knitted in one piece’

Here at unikatissima:
Design your own Lace with YouKnits

Nine Block Quilt Pattern Generator

Levitated Nine Block Quilt Pattern Generator

There are generators for quilters, too ;-): The nine block quilt pattern generator shows all possible nine block quilt patterns, you must only click on ‘permutate‘ below the pictures.


Nine Block Quilt Pattern Generator (nine.block)

Here at unikatissima:
Entries with the tag ‘generator’

Fabric Inchie Collage

dotslifeandart Fabric Inchie Collage

I told before how you can make matching, but not equal paper inchies*.

Here she shows how to make wondeful fabric inchies.
It must be a lot of fun.

* What is an inchie? An Inchie is a 1″ square of art. They are made from paper or fabric and then embellished in innumerable ways (see links below).

1″ fabric collage tutorial…

Google image search result for ‘inchies’
Flickr image search result for ‘inchies’

Here at unikatissima:
Serendipity Collage

Faux Quilt Votives

Just Something I Made Faux Quilt Votives

I find this idea really great, too: simply scan old quilts, print, sew a little and wrap around a votive ;-)
It’s a little bit as with the Fabric/Paper Place Mat.
And I think that it would look wonderful, too, with a paper Crazy Quilt!

By the way: the paper gets more transparent when you paint it slightly with oil.
It will smell a while, but then the smell disappears ;-)

On the page she also shows how to print the quilt picture onto inkjet T-shirt transfer and embellish leather with it – great!

Faux Quilt Votives (Faux Vintage Quilt Fun)

Here at unikatissima:
Fabric/Paper Place Mat
Papier Crazy Quilt