Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace

Artizan Made Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace

The embellished fabric beads and the embellished fabric beads II have been heavily decorated with beads and stuff.
This fabric scrap beads necklace shows that they can also look beautiful if completely unembellished :)


Fabric Scrap Beads Necklace (Gilgulim Fabric Art Necklace)

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Knitted Lampshade

The Unique Boutique Company Knitted Lampshade

Do you remember the colourful knitted chair?
It would match greatly the knitted lampshade ;-)


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now only available through webarchive: Knitted Lampshade (Unique Knitted Lamp)

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Yarn Bomb a Chair

Crochet Necklace

ravelry Merri Purdy Crochet Necklace

Isn’t this crochet necklace nice?
You can simply make it match your wardrobe with your stash :)

This is also possible with the other crochet necklaces here in the blog :)


Crochet Necklace (Barrel Button Necklace) (English and German)

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Knitted Colourful Yarn Stash Cowl

ravelry Jana Pihota Knitted Colourful Yarn Stash Cowl

Yesterday I have presented the magic knot you can use to make a magic ball and I have even shown magic ball crochet before.
All that’s missing now is magic ball knitting and that shows best the knitted colourful yarn stash cowl :)
Isn’t it great?! :)


Knitted Colourful Yarn Stash Cowl (Fiddly Bits)

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Fair Isle Knitted Pin Cushion

StitchGeek Fair Isle Knitted Pin Cushion

Although I do not sew I find from time to time a cute pincushion, this time the fair isle knitted pin cushion.
Nice, isn’t it? :)
It could also be a quick gift :)


Fair Isle Knitted Pin Cushion (Peerie Pin Cushion)

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