Polymer Clay Feather

livemaster Aleksanta Polymer Clay Feather

Somehow I present feathers from all kinds of material time and again, this is my first polymer clay feather.
Beautiful, isn’t it? :)


Polymer Clay Feather (Мастер-класс: создаем перья из полимерной глины) (Russian)
via: Мастер-класс: создаем перья из полимерной глины

Polymer Clay Extrusion

flickr Minna Heikkilä Polymer Clay Extrusion

A long time ago I have played around with polymer clay extrusion, but I never got to making flowers ;-)


Polymer Clay Extrusion (Photo 1/6: Cover / Introduction – Extruded flowers with Minna)
=> here starts the photo tutorial
via: Extrusions Workshop Sample
via: Extrusions Workshop Sample | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos