Painted Rock Cacti

Like The Cheese Painted Rock Cacti

When I saw the painted rock cacti I thought they were Easter eggs! ;-)


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now (unfortunately without pictures) only available through webarchive: Painted Rock Cacti (Painted Rock Cacti)
via and picture from: Faux Rock Cactus

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Succulent Wreath

etsy DoGoodDecor Succulent Wreath

Again something with succulents and again a wreath: the succulent wreath ;-)
Ich finde ihn hübsch :)


Succulent Wreath (Succulent Wreath, Artificial Succulent Wreath, Spring Wreath, Faux Succulents, Wedding Decor, Front Door Wreath, Year Round Wreath, Rustic)
=> not an instruction, but an inspiration :)

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Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs

Simple as That Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs

I didn’t know the term ‘hand lettering’ yet, it means drawing letters by hand.
And I like this hand lettering on Easter eggs very much – even without Easter eggs ;-)


Hand Lettering on Easter Eggs (Easter Egg Lettering)
via: Typography Fun: Easter Egg Lettering
via: Wir lieben Handlettering für Ostereier!