Business Card Holder

youtube Kreative Cube Business Card Holder

After the business card holder, the notes hedgehog, the other business card holder and the phone book letter holder another similar ‘device’: the business card holder ;-)


Business Card Holder (Make Your Own Cool and Unique Business Card Holder Display Stand | Kreative Cube) (video)
via: CooL DIY Business Card Stand
=> step-by-step instructions and picture from here

Here at unikatissima:
Business Card Holder
Notes Hedgehog
Business Card Holder
Phone Book Letter Holder

Tissue Wisteria

Honest To Nod Tissue Wisteria

If you find wind chimes are too noisy you may perhaps prefer this tissue wisteria? ;-)
Though I myself find it nice :)


The original site doesn’t exist any more and is now only available through webarchive: Tissue Wisteria (Try this: Tissue Wisteria)
via: Creative Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids and Adults
=> scroll down to DIY Tissue Wisteria