Mini Wreath Ornament

Val Event Gal Mini Wreath Ornament

Up until now I found plastic Christmas trees awful, but I find them cute as mini wreath ornaments :)

By the way, these are not the first wreath ornaments that I present.


Mini Wreath Ornament (IY Mini Wreath Ornament)
via: DIY Mini Wreath Ornament

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Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

I find a Christmas tree pop up card even more beautiful than a simple Christmas card :)


Christmas Tree Pop Up Card (3d Christmas Tree Pop Up Card Tutorial)

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Christmas Tree Egg Warmer

DROPS Christmas Tree Egg Warmer

Yesterday I’ve presented the knitted Christmas egg warmer Advent calendar, but of course there is also something for crocheters: the Christmas tree egg warmer ;-)
And of course you can convert the crocheted Christmas tree egg warmer in an Advent calendar by adapting the ‘filling’ accordingly :)


Christmas Tree Egg Warmer (Get Cracking!) (English UK/cm)
Christmas Tree Egg Warmer (Get Cracking!) (English US/in)
Get Cracking!

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