Paper Necklace Pendant

Interweave Ann Martin Paper Necklace Pendant

I find quilled stuff beautiful in any case, but I find the paper necklace pendant most beautiful! :)


Paper Necklace Pendant (On a Roll: Learn the Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry with Author Ann Martin plus a FREE Project)
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Beaded Frangipani Flowers

Petit Bout de Chou Beaded Frangipani Flowers

They are cute, the beaded Frangipani flowers, aren’t they? :)
And you can get more beaded flowers here in the blog!


Beaded Frangipani Flowers (Freebie of the Week: Frangipani Flowers Miyuki Pattern)
via: DIY Beaded Fragipani Flowers

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Bracelet with Recycled Plastic Beads

instructables Rhonda Chase Design Bracelet with Recycled Plastic Beads

Do you remember the plastic bottle beads?
The bracelet with recycled plastic beads has been made the same way – and I find it really beautiful!


Bracelet with Recycled Plastic Beads (Recycled Plastic Bead Bracelets)

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