Crochet Hyperbolic Sculpture

Fiber Art Reflections Crochet Hyperbolic Sculpture

I find the crochet hyperbolic sculpture great! :)

By the way, I have presented ‘hyperbolic stuff’ before ;-)


Crochet Hyperbolic Sculpture (Hyperbolic Sculpture: Hyperbolic Freeform Crochet Sculpture)
via: Learn Freeform Crochet: 15 Free Tutorials to Get You Started
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Crochet Ruffle Ring

Polymer Clay Texture Ball

etsy GiselleNo5 Polymer Clay Texture Ball

To texture polymer clay I have already presented the textured rolling pin and the polymer clay texture sheets, but I find the polymer clay texture balls great! :)


Polymer Clay Texture Ball (Clay Texture Tool, Small RANDOM Sculpture Ball…)
via: Clay Texture Tool, Small RANDOM Sculpture Ball…

Here at unikatissima:
Textured Rolling Pin
Polymer Clay Texture Sheets

Artist Book from Greeting Cards

youtube jennibellie Artist Book from Greeting Cards

You take for the artist book from greeting cards old greeting cards, paint and embellish them and make an artist book from. Great! :)


Artist Book from Greeting Cards (Make an Art Journal By Recycling Greetings Cards: Tutorial Part I) (video)
via: Making a Journal from Greetings Cards Tutorials are Done!
via: Making a Journal from Greetings Cards Tutorials…

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Bleached Art T-Shirts

I Love To Create Bleached Art T-Shirts

I have read the instructions for the bleached art t-shirts with a lot of interest, I would like to try it one day :)
Some are made similarly to the bleach stencilled placemats.


Bleached Art T-Shirts (MAYA IN THE MOMENT: Bleach Art Tees (With Tulip Fabric Dye!))
via: DYI–Bleach Art Shirts

Here at unikatissima:
Bleach Stencilled Placemats