Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs

Modern Masters Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs

Do you remember the gold decorated eggs?
They’ve been embellished with white glue, but apparently you can make the same thing with plaster: plaster decorated Easter eggs.


Plaster Decorated Easter Eggs (Holiday DIY: Embossed Easter Egg)

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Gold Decorated Eggs
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Glass Wall Candle Holder

wonderwood Glass Wall Candle Holder

What a great idea: simply cast a glass in plaster or concrete and you get a glass wall candle holder!
You could even put in the lavender candles from yesterday :)


Glass Wall Candle Holder (DTIPS TIL HJEMMELAGDE JULEGAVER 4: diy vegglysestake i betong // HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS 4: diy concrete wall candle holder) (Norwegian and English)
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Lavender Candles