Papermaché Lampshade

instructables MikaelaHolmes Papermache Lampshade

The papermaché lampshade seems to be easy to make – and made with this fresh green tissue paper it looks great, doesn’t it? :)

If this is too flimsy for you, take a look again at the previously presented papermaché lampshades :)


Papermaché Lampshade (Paper Mache Lampshade)

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Papermaché Lampshades

Self-made Papermaché Clay

instructables ashesh83 Self-made Papermache Clay

I have presented self-made paper clay before, the self-made paper­maché clay here consists of only three ingredients and seems to be easy to make.
That means, that it is just the right thing for me ;-)


Self-made Papermaché Clay (DIY Paper Mache Clay | Paper Mache for Craft)

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Self-made Paper Clay