Hot Glue Earrings

Four Front Doors Hot Glue Earrings

I have already presented several entries to the topics hot glue and glue and jewelry, the hot glue earrings match this greatly :)
And I find them also very nice!


Hot Glue Earrings (Glue Gun Glam!) (englisch)

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Fabric Coil Coasters

Two Shades of Pink Fabric Coil Coasters

These fabric coil coasters are really nice, aren’t they?
The coils are glued, but of course you can also clothesline sew them.


Fabric Coil Coasters (Fabric Coil Coasters : I ♥ Green!)
via: Fabric Coil Coasters Tutorial

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Clothesline Sewing – A Fabric Bowl

Incorporate Shapes in Weaving

Cowcumbers Studio Shannon Donovan Incorporate Shapes in Weaving

I find it an interesting idea to incorporate shapes in weaving!
This shape here is from porcelain but it should work as well with a shape from hot glue, don’t you think?


Incorporate Shapes in Weaving (Making geology, and better weaving)
=> only inspiration

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