Shredded Paper Bowl

The Chilly Dog Shredded Paper Bowl

I already liked the confetti bowl, and I like the shredded paper bowl as well :)


Shredded Paper Bowl (Craft Challenge Tutorial: Paper Bowl)
via: She Saves A Few Balloons From A Party And Uses Them In A Remarkable Way I Never Knew – Shredded Paper Bowl

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Confetti Bowl

Foam Stamp with Hot Glue Imprint

youtube Mark Montano Foam Stamp with Hot Glue Imprint

I have presented yesterday a hot glue stamp.
If you press it into foam now you get a foam stamp with hot glue imprint ;-)


Foam Stamp with Hot Glue Imprint (How to: Artist Trading Cards DIY, Swap & Contest) (video)
via: How-To: Make Rubber Texture Stamps for Artist Trading Cards

Here at unikatissima:
Hot Glue Stamp