Plastic Spoon Vase

Craftberry Bush Plastic Spoon Vase

Do you remember the plastic spoon lamp?
The plastic spoon vase is similar :)
And if you still have plastic spoons over, there’s more you can make with them :)


Plastic Spoon Vase (Okey dokey artichokey….a spoon sculpture)

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Plastic Spoon Lamp
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Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

Handmade Charlotte Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

If you still have some pinecones over after the already presented pinecone projects you can make a couple of these cute pinecone Christmas tree ornaments :)


Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament (Pinecone Ornaments: Three Ways)
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Faux Watercolour Fabric Print

Five Marigolds Faux Watercolour Fabric Print

Doesn’t the faux watercolour fabric print look nice?
It is made with permanent markers, similar to the tie-dying with a marker :)


Faux Watercolour Fabric Print (Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages)
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Tie-Dying with a Marker